Saturday, November 03, 2007

RevolTech Dangaioh

My new toy!

I can blame Dan Campos for this one. He's the one that showed me these super-articulated toys from Japan. The RevolTech Joint System allows for any number of life-like poses on these action figures. They have less points of articulation than any american action figure and damn it... they look sweet.

This guy is Dangaioh. I've never seen the Anime or the manga. I just bought him cause he looked damn cool. he comes with four sets of hands and his "Haja no Ken" which translates into Sword of Crushing Evil!

The figures retail here in America for around $20 each. A lot of people might balk at that price but consider this:

The Marvel Legends figures sell for $10 to $12 each. Sure they have 23 points of articulation but some of them just look down right ugly and still dont pose as well as this guy. DC Direct figures look great but hardly pose at all and they sell for upwards of $15 in comic shops.

The average RevolTech figure is smaller. This guy is about 6" high. They come with a two part stand so you can pose most of them as if they were flying or leaping through the air. They come with multiple hands, sometimes extra heads, and at least one weapon... sometimes as many as six or seven depending on the character.

A bulk of the figures produced so far are from the Neon Genesis and PatLabor series of Anime/Manga. They also have a wicked G1 Optimus Prime and Megatron and they've started to introduce a few "human" figures into their line. The one I've seen so far is more articulated than any action figure I've ever seen and looks 100% better at the joints.

I'd have to say over all, my only dislike is that I'm worried I'll snap the figure in two putting him into a pose since I'm not used to the joint system. After several days he's still in one piece though.


At November 04, 2007, Blogger arnie said...

yes that does look sweet. which means points of articulation...wjo cares. Marvel, DC, sell something that looks cool, and people will by it.

the difference here is japanese toys and anime seem to be driven on the principal of creativity first, and the people will come.

american toys are more developed to, slap something together, so we came mercandise it to death..

or am i just bloing smoke..
either way that toy will be mine before i buy another superman, or xmen toy.

peace out

At November 05, 2007, Blogger Ian Ascher said...

Out of all the action figures I have I think I only own one or two modern Marvel figures. The rest are DC Direct.

Im infatuated w/ these RevolTech figures. Can you imagine a Spider-man or a Batman that can articulate like this? It would be the top selling figure in America.

At November 09, 2007, Blogger Daniel Campos said...

Heh, thanks for blaming me. Still these bad boys are great and from an artist standpoint waaaaaay better than any of those wooden dummy things that we talked about for getting a cool pose.

Welcome to the world of RevolTECH!


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