Saturday, April 19, 2008

Going Hollywood

Kinda... sorta... here's the deal...
Back in October of last year I took a screen writing class here in Westerville (just outside of Columbus, Ohio for those not in the know) . The teacher, Chris Freeman, had worked as a production assistant for Michael Mann on such films as Collateral and Miami Vice before moving back here. In that time he had been writing scripts. At one point, his job was to read the hundreds of scripts that would flood a production office in the hopes one of them might be worthy of being made into a movie.
To make a long story short, we hit it off, both being fans of comics. I had shown him some of my work and towards the end of the class he began talking to me about a project of his own he had been trying to get off the ground.
Entitled CIRCLE OF STONES, the project is a horror movie about savage Mayan children protecting an ancient treasure in the heart of the jungle. Optioned and green lit, the movie is ready to be made. However, both Chirs and his partner on this script would like a little more funding and a better shoot schedule.
This is where I came in...
Having some knowledge of the comics industry after kicking around with Ed Dukeshire of Digital Webbing for the past ten years (damn... has it been that long???), I helped Chris adapt several scenes from his movie script to be illustrated as a comic. I've also helped him put together a team which includes artist Mike Lilly (Batman, Nightwing, Quasar) to illustrate.
Chris' goal, and mine, is to obtain additional funding from another studio or outside investor so Circle of Stones looks its absolute best up on the silver screen.
So that's what I've been doing the past month, all the while neglecting my little Blog Space here. ( I know... so many of you were worried, weren't you...)
When not working on this project, I've been tinkering with my own movie script, an adaptation of my comic 'Slight' of Hand, and slowly getting ready for the Pittsburgh Comic Con April 25th-27th where I'll be signing copies of Iron Sirens with the lovely and amazing Adela Garcia and Sonia Adcock. (I'll let them fight it out to see which one is lovely and which one is amazing.)
Till next time...


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