Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Last Paladin Update.... No... Really....

Yeah.... I know.. it's been ages since anything Paladin has been posted here so for the two or three of you that lurk around and actually read Last Paladin, here's what's going down:

With Mahmud a busy little bee on Image's new series Dynamo 5 by Jay Farber, the fate of the Last Paladin has been up in the air.

Enter EJ Morges.

I've posted some of EJ's art here in the past and he's decided he wants to take the art chores over for Mahmud and I'm all too happy to have him along for the ride. Right now I'm working on a new story for the Last Paladin that will launch him on his quest to find Atlantis in the modern world. While EJ's style is different from Mahmud's its very well suited to carry on the characters short but well received tradition.

In the meanwhile... I have a completed six pager by Mahmud that has yet to see print. The script was written about a month after I started the Paladin/FoJ crossover. It features a character I created just for Mahmud after seeing the art that spawned the idea to have him draw Last Paladin in the first place. Both of us have our fingers crossed that it will see print somewhere before the year is out.

And that's it. Not too exciting... I know... but I hope as the weeks roll on I'll be able to post a little art and a little more good news.


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