Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pittsburgh Comic Con 2008

Hard to believe that the Pittsburgh show was a week ago. This past week has just kicked me in the ass hard with everything going on. I'm just now getting the chance to sit down and write about it a bit. No rest for the wicked...
JM Manion, Adela Garcia, Uko Smith, Sonia Adcock, and Me (No... they aren't midgets... I'm just a giant)

The show was great. Lots of people all three days. We had a great location near a dealer who was selling $1 comics and half off GN's so every time the aisle got jammed people would stop and stand in front of the booth while deciding where to go next. Lots of lookers (thanks to the girls) and a good number of sales for a small show like this.

Uko was the only one of my three artists that was there. Lots of sketch requests. Sadly I'm just the poor old writer. No one cares about the writer. I used to illustrate but in my old age my art skills have dwindled away. I'll need to do something about that.

Sonia looking hot in a corset. Leave it to the women to find the one person in the entire con selling clothes.

Adela Garcia in front of the banner. It was a rush job and next show will have a bigger and better one. Who am I kidding...? No one was looking at the banner.
Aside from sitting and signing with the girls all weekend, I got to accomplish a few other things like: Talk with good friend Rich Lane, a fellow writer I've been in contact with for years. I met some of the guys at Blue Line/Sketch magazine and got to dine with them on Sat night, and met Paul Monsky and Ed Clouts of AC Comics... both great guys.
I also spent way too much money on Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks (the perils of being next to a dealer that's selling them at half off)
As I said above, it was a great show. I've done Pittsburgh now for six years and this was easily the best time I've had. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
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