Saturday, August 02, 2008

Reading, and not writing.

For some reason I just haven't been able to focus on writing the past several weeks. I need to bust my ass and finish my movie script but the Muse just hasn't been there for me.

So, in lieu of writing, I've been reading a little more than normal (Because my girlfriend insists on watching Big Brother for some unknown reason).

Here's some of what I've been digging into...

The Question: The Five Books of Blood by Greg Rucka, various artists, and DC Comics. This is a very cool book and I'd love to recomend it to everyone who likes Crime and Dark Horror comics but sadly, it's very steeped in DC mythology so if you don't know the character or situation going in, you'll get lost easily.

For those of you that want to know how much history, you would have to read the complete run of Gotham Central followed by the Montoya chapters of 52. That's a lot of comic book reading.

For those that want to jump in anyways, it deals with the new Question being sucked into the dangerous world of the Crime Bible and the various cult's that use it as the cornerstone of their faith.

Jack Kirby's OMAC from DC Comics.

I'm in the middle of this one right now and it's a pretty cool book for something that was done over 30 years ago. Originaly the concept for a Captain America of the future, Jack Kirby busted it out, amde a few changes, and made it part of his "World That's Coming" saga.

If you remember comics as being crazy, four color, fun, full of action, then this is a book you'll enjoy. Plus you get all the amazing Kirby art (which I'm just now begining to truly appreciate in my old age)

Finaly, there's The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

I have a very good friend who likes her other work of Vampire novels that I just can't get into. This book is more of a sci-fi twist with an alien invasion and the take over of the human race. One site I saw claims it's sci-fi for people who don't like sci-fi.

That can be good or bad. We'll see... I haven't started it yet but it is next on my pile of stuff to read (unless something so truly compelling bumps it out of the top spot before I pick this up to start it). Once I'm done I'll let everyone know what I think of it...

And that's it for this week... Tommorw I try to work on the movie script... seriously.. I will.. I mean it... really...

Write write write


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