Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time For A Crossover!

It's finally here.

DWP #31 featuring the Fist of Justice and the Last Paladin, together for the first time anywhere. An amazing tale brought to you by Imboden, Cinar, Dukeshire and yours truly. (Plus I also wrote the back-up tale Codename: Wicked Angel by Campos, Corbett, and Seguin in this very same issue. See a previous post for more info.)

Even though there are a few small finishing touches being put on the issue as I type the book is currently available for pre-order in the September Diamond Previews Catalog for a Nov release. Run to your shop and pre-order your copy today. The Diamond product code is SEP063271.

You can also preorder on line @ DCBS. They have great service and offer some pretty amazing discounts. Check 'em out here:

Order yours today!