Thursday, February 22, 2007

Super Women

My good friend JM Manion has it tough.

Not only is he a professional photographer, he also manages several of the top IFBB Pro Fitness and Figure Models in the country and, as Im sure you can guess, he loves his comic books too.

Here's his unique way of "inspiring" me to get on the ball and complete the second Divas comic book for him and his girls.

From Left to Right:

Supergirl: Amanda Jo Savell
Wonder Woman: Christine Pomponio-Pate
Xena Warrior Princess: Jenny Lynn
Bat Girl: Adela Garcia
Princess Leia: Mary Elizabeth Lado
Power Girl: Kim Klein

Who in the hell needs action figures when you got these ladies!!!!

For more info on these ladies check out

All of them will be attending the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio the weekend of March 2-4.

Thanks JM.