Thursday, August 24, 2006

Amber DeLuca by EJ Morges

Two posts in one day? Wow....

At the show I worked in August I got to meet a lot of cool folks. One of them was model and bodybuilder Amber DeLuca. A full blooded Omaha Indian, Amber is as stunning in person as she is in her photos.

We got the chance to chat for a bit backstage and my buddy EJ Morges worked up this sketch of Amber which may serve as the start of a comic book related project. At this time everything is still in the talk stage but we hope to get everything cooking soon.

Stay tuned for more info...

The Dynamic Duo

The Comic Book business has been slow and I haven't updated this thing in almost two weeks so to kick myself out of my little funk I present to you the Dynamic Duo of Grace Grimes (Codename: Wicked Angel for you Paladin Post followers) and Charis Nawrocki.

If I didn't know these two better I would say Charis was ready to slice Grace in half with that clip board she's holding. Just look at that face kids. That's the face of someone ready to lay down a whoopin on someone's sun happy ass kids.

So angry Charis....... so angry.

If anyone ever thought spending a weekend with two beautiful women would be a dream come true... let me hip you to something... these two are crazy. Oh, and I get to do it again in about three weeks.

Pray for me...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So who are these guys anyways?

They may not look like much right now but the two characters to the left will eventually make their way into the pages of The Last Paladin. Both designed by Mahmud Asrar after a few emails of picking my brain.

The gentleman to the right is called The Hex and he's something of a supernatural bounty hunter that criss-crosses the United States. He started life in his own origin script a few years ago but after several failed attempts to bring him to life by a few different artists, he landed in the limbo that is my notebook drawer until I started plotting future chapters of The Last Paladin. Everything seemed to fall right into place from there and I thought he may be the perfect fit for a tale or two.

So what sets The Hex apart from all the other supernatural bounty hunters in all the other comics out there? Well, I have some ideas I hope readers will find interesting and latch onto as his story debuts and unfolds.

As for the lady to his left....... I won't say too much about her at this time. She will however play a big role in upcoming chapters of The Last Paladin.

Keep checking back for more details...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Commissions by EJ Morges

By now if you're a follower of my Blog you know who artist EJ Morges is. If not you need to. He's a hell of an artist and he does amazing pin-ups.

As of right now he's taking commissions for a short time. You can bounce to his own Blog by clicking the link I have off to the right for more details. His prices are very affordable too.

This bad boy pictured here of Wonder Woman, Hulk, and She-Hulk is only $45!!! Someone better buy this before I break down and do it myself. Then you'll all be sorry you didn't jump on the ball when I told ya to.