Saturday, October 27, 2007

Greetings from Brookville

Wow... its been a while since I've updated this hasn't it. ? Damn. Well for the two or three of you that do stop by on a regular basis let's see what we got...

I recently moved to the Brookville Apartments in Columbus Ohio. Not too far from where I was previously which is good. It's a nice place, quiet, no troubles at all. The office help is hit and miss but what are ya gonna do right?

I recently started attending a screenwriting workshop on Tuesday nights. It's been fun so far and by the end of the class I should have a fairly passable screenplay. The teacher worked for Writer/Director/Producer Michael Mann of Miami Vice and Collateral fame. He seems to know what he's talking about (Actually Chris is a really great guy and the class has been fun every week)

I've also begun work on a book to be published by TwoFold Comics in 2008. Crash Kennedy: Weapon of Choice is an action story at heart but it's got all kinds of fun and weird things thrown in for good measure. If all goes well the first arc will be six issues. Each issue will have Crash as the lead story and there will be a six to eight page back ups in every issue. I'm still working things out but so far everything has been smooth.. almost too smooth for one of my projects.

Im also working on a number of other pitches to various companies. Mainly for comics and comic related projects but there's also a few that could be pushed towards the traditional book or movie side of things as well.

Hmmmmm... anything else... I got a new kitty. His name is Ajax. I have the scars to proove it.

Aside from that... there's not much else cooking right now. Actually, that's not true. There's a lot more going on than what I've divulged here but to go into every little project and idea I'm trying to germinate would bore the hell out of all of you.. all two or three of you.

Tyr to stop by and I'll try to keep things updated more frequently now.