Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Grief

Almost two whole months since the last post!?! Just what the hell do I do with all my time?

Actually, I've been working with Screenwriter Chris Freeman on an adaptation of one of his scripts into graphic novel form. Anyone who thinks this is easy, ripping someone else's work apart and transforming it into a medium that deals in motion to one that rests on the illusion of motion, is in for a big shock.

I seriously underestimated this project and it kicked my ass. Right now I'm waiting for notes from Chris so we can knock out any edits and get it on to our artist. (More on our artist later)

I'm also waiting on the completion of our first project with art by Mike Lilly and photos from JM Manion to get Iron Sirens #3 put to bed.

So, lots going on but nothing moving forward.

Gotta try to remember I have this site to so I can keep updating it.

Till next time....