Saturday, December 09, 2006

Digital Webbing Present #31 Reviewed!

The book hit some parts of the country on Nov 29th and others on Dec 6th. Dave LeBlanc from The Comics Review wasted no time in letting everyone know what he thought of the book.

Writing Rating 9.0
Artistic Rating 9.0
Overall Rating 9.0

Issue Number: 31
Title Story: Fist of Justice
Title Arc: More Powerful Than A . . .
Publisher: Digital Webbing
Creator: Mike Imboden & Ed Dukeshire
Writer: Mike Imboden & Ian Ascher
Artist: Yildiray Cinar
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Colors: Mike Clausen
Price (USD): $3.99
Release Date: Dec 6, 2006
Diamond Code: SEP063271

Fist of Justice is Marc Mason. When he dons his suit he is strong, nigh invulnerable, can fly – pretty standard stuff. But he is not having a standard day. His old nemesis, Dr. Dibuk, somehow survived a mid air explosion last issue and has control of a giant robot from ancient Atlantis, which is rampaging through the city. The Last Paladin, a doctor who has been given the armor and sword of an Atlantean warrior through the amulet worn by a princess, has come to his aid. He realizes the robot’s origin and hopes it will lead him to the lost civilization. But of course this is comics so the two heroes have to fight each other before they decide they are on the same side.

If that sounds a bit familiar it is the stuff of classic comic book hero stuff. Mike and Ed have brought the feel of the genre back from its roots in the Silver Age. That is not to say it is just a rehash of old themes. This story features Ian Ascher’s character Paladin from previous issues of DWP. The hero with power but no knowledge of where it came from is searching for answers. He just happens into another part of what I guess is the Digital Webbing Universe. The banter is well scripted and the villain is part sinister part pitiful. In all, it is an enjoyable story. And the art is well suited for heroic action the dynamics and coloring bring things to life. It is what I expect form this fine publication.

Story – Ian Ascher
Pencils – Dan Campos
Inks – Shaynne Colbert
Colors – Joel J. Segun
Letters - Kel

We are watching a girl in a jumpsuit breaking into a fitness club. The story is her narration as she thinks about trying to find her son she only recently found out about. It seems she was a victim of experimentation and the person who freed her has her working against the man behind it all. Thus the break in. The experiments added nanites to her blood. When activated they create an armor for vital parts of her body and also superhuman strength. She will need them as the intrusion triggers robots that attack with prejudice.

The back story is interesting. The narration fills in the holes while we see her in action. The end is a major discovery about her adversary. It is sure to lead to another chapter in a future issue. The art is a bit dark. The colors appear purposeful to distinguish our heroine in purple from blue, gold and silver robots. It did not appeal to the eye as much as the lead story but still well done.


Since I had a hand in both stories I was very excited to read this. Goes to show I might have a little skill after all when it comes to writing comic books. Check out the Comics Review at:

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Monthly Update

So...... I'm still alive and well, which is saying quite a bit given the events of the past few weeks.

I had been undergoing tests for the past few months because there were some issues with my blood work when, at the constant begging of my girlfriend Robin who happens to work for a group of family doctors, I finally had a physical. One thing led to another and I finally decided to undergo surgery to remove what was supposed to be a harmless growth on my thyroid gland for precautionary measures.

Turns out it was cancer.

I didn't know until after I came out of surgery. They took both thyroid glands. It was caught early and it was a very slow growing type of cell so I'm expected to make a full recovery and continue to live a very healthy life.

In addition to that I had been to Toledo to visit my Grandparents who I hadn't seen in several months, my roommate got a puppy which delites in pissing in the house at least twice a day, and there was a holiday in there somewhere if I remember correctly.


Needless to say, I haven't been writing all that much. I'm just taking it easy for the rest of the year and will regroup and refocus come 2007.

Till then...